Books, Bringing Families Together

23 Sep 2015

As the Head of Primary at Asian Hope International School I often have parents ask,

“How can I help my child do better in school?”



The answer is simple: read with your child.  Books help expand children's vocabulary, open their minds to new ideas, new worlds, and grow their imaginations.  By reading with your child  you will be invited into their world and their life. Too often today parents find it more and more difficult to relate to their children.  Parents and children spend hours on their phones, their iPad, or in front of the TV.  This leaves children and parents feeling isolated and disconnected from their families. By taking a pause from busy schedules and making time to read together parents are showing their children that they care and value them more than their jobs or their friends. When  children  get to share what they learned in school, new stories, adventures, and what’s going on in their lives, the family flourishes. .  



If quality time with your child is not enough of an incentive to read with them, let research persuade you.  A British Study shows that a child who reads for zero to four minutes at home a night will fail.  Children who read ten to twelve minutes at home a night may succeed, but children who read for fifteen minutes or more at home per night will succeed in school.  This reading can be in any language.  Read in Khmer, English, Korean, or French.



Children are never too young to be read to. Even small children enjoy listening to stories and looking at the colourful pictures. You as the parents are the first teacher a child ever has and are called by God to be their main teacher in life.  If you share a love of reading with your children from a young age, that love will continue to grow throughout their lives leading them to be lifelong learners.  So when you are sitting down tonight about to check your facebook page, stop and think,

“Have I spent quality time with my children today? How about reading a book with them?”



Just a few reasons you should read with your child every night.



1. Reading is exercise for the brain.

  • Just like we need to take care of our body we need to take care of our brain. Reading gives our brain a good workout keeping it fit and healthy.

2. Reading improves listening skills

  • What parents doesn’t want their child to be a better listener. Reading improves listening as well as speaking skills.

3. Reading improves a child’s grades in school

  • Reading is important in every subject including math and sciences. By being a better reader they will do better in all subjects in school.

4. Reading will help your child make more money in the future.

Research shows that the better reader your child is the better job and more money they will make as adults. Don’t forget reading is good for you too!






To read the printed article pick up a copy of The Light Times Magazine.






Written by

Elizabeth Barnes

Head of Primary


Asian Hope International school