30 Jan 2015




A month of new beginnings

Happy New Year from all of us here at Asian Hope International School. We wish you all a wonderful new year full of joy, learning, and love.   

Important information

Tuition Fees Due February 2nd -10% penalty if paid after the 10th of February

Dates for your diary:                    

No School-

February 3rd:                    Meak Bochea

February 19th:                  Chinese New Year!

Upcoming Events

February 7th                      AHIS Fair

February 9th-13th              Health and Fitness week




KG 2 Dragonflies

This month KG 2 Dragonflies, taught by Ms. Cloer, Nakru Bunnary, and Nakru Rotana. has been learning about trees.  We have planted sunflowers and learned about how a great big tree grows from a tiny seed.  We have learned about the parts of the tree and have made models of trees with playdough and legos.  We have really enjoyed learning about tree's, plants, fruit, vegetables and their role in the beautiful world that God has created!


Grade 1 Blue

Plants play an important role in our environment. This January, Grade 1 Blue learned about them in Topic. They identified the different parts of the plant and their needs in order to grow. In Numeracy, we've talked about money and measurements. In Literacy, they learned to use patterns and language from familiar stories in retelling a story and tell their own recounts using sequencing words.  

Health Update


Together We Impact your Child's Future!

Report on eye screening

Thank you to those parents who took their child to have their eyes tested in response to the note sent out last month. Your child matters to us and therefore we really appreciate working together to help your child. 

We have received some eye test reports and are glad to see that some children do not have problems as we feared and others could be helped by having their eyesight corrected with glasses.  There are still some children who struggle in class because they cannot see properly –if you have not take your child for an evaluation yet please do so.

Now your child is wearing glasses

If your child has had trouble seeing clearly and needs to wear glasses they may find it difficult to get used to them at first.  Some children might worry that the other kids will tease them, or do not like to wear glasses and intentionally 'forget' to put them on or 'forget' to take them to school or they might worry that it will hinder them in physical activities.

What can you do to help your child to accept this change in his/her life?

-       Let you child choose the frame and make sure the glasses fit properly.

-       Be positive do not nag – your attitude will affect your child; he/she is receptive and thrive on affection

-       Make it look ‘cool’ to wear glasses, show them leaders and sports people who are wearing glasses.


Passion for Prevention

In Cambodia we have many tourists and many Khmer people travel widely to other countries.  Adults and children could be exposed to diseases that are not so prominent in Cambodia. Two of these diseases are Measles and Rubella. UNICEF reported (website below) ‘During October 2013 ‘Cambodia's biggest immunization campaign launches new combined vaccine to protect against ‘Measles and Rubella’(Rubella is also known as  ‘German measles’). Cambodia has made great progress in eliminating measles though there still exists a risk of importing measles from other countries which have not been as successful in eliminating the diseases like the United States.

In 2013 our Ministry of Health and UNICEF worked closely together to immunize children between the ages of 9 months – 15 years of age with Measles and Rubella vaccines. Please check your records to see if your child has received the MR (Measles and Rubella) vaccinations and let the school know?  If your child has not, let’s work alongside each other to be preventative and to protect your child against Measles and Rubella. Please make sure your child receives the immunization; it is the best way to protect your child and others, including pregnant women and their unborn babies, from rubella infection.

I believe that we need to work alongside our Health Centers therefore I want to encourage you to talk to their staff and ask for advice where to go to get the vaccination.  SenSok hospital and the Royal Phnom Penh hospital offer this vaccination.

Why the vaccine is needed?

UNICEF reports “Rubella outbreaks, which occur every few years in Cambodia, can have long-lasting consequences for babies born with congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) that leads to blindness, deafness and heart disease.”  When a pregnant woman gets Rubella the above could happen –it could be your unborn child or grandchild who is exposed to this devastating disease.