AHIScoop - March

27 Mar 2015


It's getting hot!

Hot season has begun, this means there are only two months left of school. Please encourage your children to keep up on homework and stay focused at school. As it begins to get hotter please make sure your children bring their water bottles and hats everyday to keep hydrated and cool during this season of weather. 

Important information

Tuition Fees Due April 1st -10% penalty if paid after the 10th of April

Dates for your diary:                    

No School-

April 13th-17th:                    Khmer New Year

May 1st:                                Labor Day

Upcoming Events

March 30th:                           Re-enrollment forms due                                

April 3rd:                               Scholastic book orders due

April 20th-24th:                     Earth Week

April 25th:                             1984 Open Campus

1984 open campus 

Asian Hope wants to have the opportunity for families to use the school campus on the weekends so children have a safe and fun place to play.  For the first time we are having an open campus for families on April 25th. This is a time to come and let the kids play and parents to chat.  The library will be open for reading, and balls, chalk, and jump rope will be available for children to play with.  This is a family event, children without parents will not be allowed to attend as there will be no direct supervision.  No food will be provided.  

We hope you can come and enjoy a safe space for your children to play in. 

Re-enrollment forms are due!

Please turn in your re-enrollment forms as soon as possible. They must be submitted by March 30th if you want your child to be enrolled at AHIS for the 2015-2016 school year.  




KG 3 Elephants 

This month KG 3 Elephants studied about dinosaurs and discussed where, when, and how they lived. They learned vocabulary specific to the topic such as extinct, fossils and Paleontologist. Our “concept” included many fun activities. KG3 Elephants have been ON FIRE in reading, learning, and writing about the things they have learned and observed. One of their favorite discussions was “What is a Fossil?” They made their own fossils using play dough, colored straws, Popsicle sticks, and macaroni elbow noodles. They also did research on how big dinosaurs were and wrote facts that they learned about them.  Stop by our class to check out our fossil bulletin board. 


Grade 6 

In Grade 6, the students have been studying on the topic of machines. In groups they have created their own micro-robots and have designed them with different features.  They have learned how to program them to move in different directions, talk and do different actions. They have been learning through trial and error and keeping a journal of the process of constructing their robot. It's been a lot of fun. In Literacy, students have been focusing on different ways of writing depending on the purpose and have been learning about guides, such as virtual guides, tour guides, book guides and are putting together their own guides for a location of their choice.