31 Oct 2014

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Awesome October 


Awesome October

a month of reading

"George is curious, curious George" chanted Grade 1 Blue at assembly last week as they shared about their author with the school. The month of October was a month full of reading. We celebrated book week, and each class really enjoyed learning about different authors. Grade 3 Orange read Roald Dahl books and fell in love with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. AHIS was visited by the Cat in the Hat, Peter Pan, Junie B. Jones, Pocahontas, Princesses and Magicians. The month of October has been a fun filled month full of reading and writing. It has truly been an Awesome October!



Grade 5

In Topic, Grade 5 students created their own rockets to conclude our topic on Space. They have been recently looking at Our World and researching different countries around the world, looking at natural disasters, climates, amount of rainfall, location of countries,maps, neighboring countries and the type of government in their country of research. They are designing their own books on their country of choice, which they will present to their peers at the end of the unit. In Literacy, we have been studying the book There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom by Louis Sacher and students had lots of fun doing activities related to this book. In Math, we have been practicing our fast multiplication skills and using different methods to add, subtract and multiply. We are looking at the story of Joseph and his brothers in Bible class and learning different memory verses.

KG3 Giraffes

KG3 Giraffes learned about “Go” foods like sweet potatoes and peanuts this month in Topic. The students sang a song and acted out the story of Jonah and the Big Fish. Some of the students were passengers of the ship while the rest were the people of Nineveh. The moral lesson of the story is that we should always obey God.


Health Update


Dear parents,

Vision plays a critical role in how your child learns.  Vision problems at a young age can easily lower interest in close activities such as reading, coloring or puzzles.  

How you can help your child to have and maintain good vision

  • Your child needs to wear a helmet with a visor on when on a motorbike. The visor protects your child’s eyes against dirt and other objects.   

  • Watch at home if your child has any vision problems - do they sit close to the TV, do they squint or rub their eyes often, are they unusually sensitive to light, or tilt their head when looking at things? Do they have trouble with hand-eye coordination activities or have unexplainable headaches? If so they may need glasses.

  • It is a good idea for your children to wear sunglasses as it protects their eyes against exposure to ultraviolet rays which may raise the risk for cataracts and other eye problems later in life. A visor or a hat that keeps the sun out of his eyes is a good alternative.

This November AHIS plans to give eye exams to students who have not received a vision test before and will follow up with those students who were tested last year and need to be tested again. Please remember the school’s vision screening is basic and it is a good idea to take your child to a professional optometrist if you have concerns or want a thorough eye evaluation.     

Alta Glas

Asian Hope International Nurse