26 Sep 2014

Important information

Tuition Fees Due October 1st -10% penalty if paid after the 10th of October

Dates for your diary: 

No School-

October 13-15th:                  King’s Death Anniversary & Mid semester break

October 23-24th:                  Parent/Teacher conferences

November 5-11th:                 Water Festival

Upcoming Events

Book Week                           October 20th-24th

Sizzling September 


It's HOT out there! Make sure you wear your hats.

September has been a full month of leaning here at AHIS. The students have been engaged in measuring and counting, reading and writing, swimming and running.

October is book month where we encourage the students to read more than ever. 

It's time to READ READ READ!

New Campus photos of the proposed AHIS campus. 

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Grade 4 Gold

This month has been full of fun and learning in Grade 4 Gold!  The students have really enjoyed learning all about Animals and Humans during our topics times. During the month of August, we learned about the major muscles and bones of the body, as well as about some famous people who have made great achievements in history. For the past two weeks we have been studying animals and learning how to classify them into categories (i.e. mammals, amphibians, etc.) based on their characteristics. In numeracy we have been learning about creating surveys and collecting data. These grade fours also love acting and have really enjoyed literacy recently as they have been analyzing and creating their own play scripts. A highlight of the month was performing the Books of the Bible Rap for assembly. Grade 4 Gold did very well and were proud to present something they had worked so hard to learn!


KG1 Bees

This month in KG1 Bees, taught by Ms. Emelyn, Nakru Samphos Yha and Nakru Syna Ten, the children focused in topic all about Birds, Pets and Insects. The Children learned about different pets you can have such as the cat or a parrot and they learned about different kinds of insects like the dragon fly. 

Health Update


Dear parents

At AHIS your child's health is important to us. This month we are highlighting the importance of knowing “When should you keep your child home from school. ”

A very important that you do not send your child to school if he/she has a contagious disease. If your child does not feel well enough to participate in class they should stay at home to get better and to not spread the illness to others. 

Here are some guidelines to help you know if you should send your child to school or not.

Please do not send you child to school when your child has:

  • Diarrhea: If your child has had diarrhea 3 to 4 times within a 24 hour period.

  • Vomiting: If your child has vomited within a 12 hour before the school day starts

  • Fever over 38 °C: If your child have fever of 38 degrees or above.  Please do not send him/her to school until there are no signs of the fever for 24 hours.

  • Pink eye – Conjunctivitis: If your child has Pink-eye they may return to school after being on medication for 24 hours

  • Skin problems  If your child has sores or a rash that cannot be covered. Your child may return to school with a note from the doctor for verification if it is not contagious or when it is healed.

  • Head Lice   your child may return to school after being treated

  • Contagious Childhood illnesses: Chicken pox,  scarlet fever, measles, Hand Foot and mouth disease

  • Cough: If your child has a Serious/Disruptive/Productive cough with yellow or green mucous  

Please let the school secretary know if you did not send your child to school because of one of these reasons so we can be watching for signs of illness in other children.

“Importance of hand washing”

You can help your child stay healthy by encouraging frequent and thorough hand washing. Hand washing is the single most important defense against disease. Dirty hands spread bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. Teach your child to wash their hands with soap and water after using the toilet and before eating.

Alta Glas

AHIS School nurse